A Conspiracy of Strange Girls

We are A Conspiracy of Strange Girls, an arts collective dedicated to the genesis and promotion of creative work by, for, and about Strange Girls. Our collective is open to all women, femme-identifying, non-binary, and genderqueer people who create art dealing with the unusual, the queer, the unfamiliar, or the mysterious. With over sixty members across a diverse spectrum of gender and ethnicity, we believe in building community, uplifting marginalized voices, and showcasing all types of creative work, especially practices that have been traditionally overlooked in patriarchal society. We work toward social justice and racial equity by acknowledging privilege, providing resources, and giving a platform to creators of color; and we seek to build a network of Strange Girls locally and nationally through events, fundraisers, and skillshares. By supporting each other and reaching out to new members of our community, we increase visibility and create opportunities for the voices of Strange Girls to be heard worldwide.

Why a Conspiracy?

Our organizational title has a double meaning. Much as a “flock of doves” or “murder of crows”, ravens congregate in “conspiracies”. Like these intelligent, playful, yet mysterious birds, our members embody these characteristics and celebrate the “strange” through their art. By banding together, we have created a safer community based on support, respect, and creativity, in which we strive to be a positive force to those that we touch. We encourage the examination and exploration of strangeness in all of its incantations, including but not limited to gender, sexual, and subcultural identities. While not all of our members identify as women, we concentrate on boosting oft-marginalized communities that have been crushed, silenced, and even killed for being themselves. By creating a platform that celebrates women, femme, trans, and genderqueer/non-conforming folks of all backgrounds, we fight sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia through our art and beyond. We invite all types of humans to join us as supporters (co-conspirators).

The flip side of our “conspiracy” is our not-so-secret plan to take over the art world. Although the percentage of female artists represented in major institutions has risen marginally in the last few years with the help of feminist groups like Guerilla Girls (MOMA representation of women artists in its permanent collection has risen to 7% in 2015, from 4% in 2004), we strive to continue and aid in the fight for more female representation in the art world and take it a step further by bringing trans, femme, genderqueer/non-conforming artists into the forefront. We aim to show the world that we are not a small subculture of weirdos, but a magnificent force of Strangeness.  

About Photo by Maddie Wiberg | Logo and Graphics by Lauren Roberts

Strange Girl Squad Goals

Beyond being a supportive, safe, respectful zone for creativity, A Conspiracy of Strange Girls exists to promote collaboration, between artists, with the larger community, and with organizations that promote causes near and dear to our collective hearts. Our master plan for the collective is to have gallery shows and pop-up art events, showing solo and collaborative art of our members, and publishing and selling limited-edition, themed art, t-shirts, patches, stickers and zines. We will continue adding artists, organizers, and activists to our community, expanding our numbers and become a greater force for positive social change. We will join forces with other women/trans/femme/queer owned/operated/focused/supportive businesses, organizations, and groups to bring awareness to our missions and raise money for various like-minded charities.

In the future, we plan to expand our operations outside of Minneapolis Minnesota, beginning with co-curating pop-up events/galleries in different cities around the country (currently with feelers out in Chicago and New Orleans). A major goal is to eventually have a mentorship program with young artists, to inspire them to be themselves, nourish their creativity, and embrace the strangeness that is often not understood nor encouraged by mainstream society.

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Join the Conspiracy

A Conspiracy of Strange Girls is gaining members, energy, and speed as we band together as a force of femme. We want to bring positive and progressive change to our community and beyond, but we need help. Please consider supporting our mission in any way that you can, thus becoming a co-conspirator/supporter of our cause.

Now that we Strange Girls have found each other and common goals, we are not going away. We’ll only become a bigger and more badass flock of freaks. Please aid us in our launch, but also think of how we can collaborate in the future to help each other. Because deep down, in our brains and hearts, we are all a little Strange.

Strange Girls forever.