A Conspiracy of Strange Girls

We are A Conspiracy of Strange Girls, an arts collective dedicated to the genesis and promotion of creative work by, for and about Strange Girls. Our collective is open to all women, femme-identifying, non-binary or genderqueer people creating art dealing with the unusual, the unfamiliar or the mysterious. With over eighty members across a diverse spectrum of identities, we believe in building community, uplifting marginalized voices and showcasing creative work by folx who have historically been overlooked by patriarchal power structures embedded within the ‘art world’.

Strange Girls is a values-based arts organization. As such, we offer art events, fundraisers and skillshares that benefit our network of co-conspirators while raising awareness of social justice issues important to us. By supporting each other artistically and building relationships within a diverse community, we create greater visibility for our artists and work toward inclusiveness for all forms of ‘otherness’. We prioritize racial equity by acknowledging our privilege and utilizing our collective skill sets to hold space for BIPOC and GLBTQ+ voices in all of our organizing efforts.

About Photo by Maddie Wiberg | Logo and Graphics by Lauren Roberts

CSG is a VALUES-based Art Organization

As a collective, we strive to build a community of respect and trust for all members. CSG does not tolerate harassment or bigotry in any form, including, but not limited to: offensive verbal or written comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, national origin, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, spirituality, source of income or language preference. Deliberate intimidation, personal attacks, shaming and hating is not tolerated.


Please be informed that we, as an art collective, have zero tolerance for:

  • Racism

  • Sexism

  • Ableism

  • Homophobia

  • Transphobia

  • Fatphobia

  • Fascists 

  • Ageism

  • Hatred or discrimination of any kind.

Join us in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all Strange Girls and co-conspirators. 

Strange Girl Squad Goals

Beyond being a supportive, safe, respectful zone for creativity, A Conspiracy of Strange Girls exists to promote collaboration between artists and organizations that promote causes near and dear to our collective hearts. Our current plan is to hold annual gallery shows, pop-up art markets and performance events on an ongoing basis. We also offer limited-edition art prints and merch to help support our organizational priorities. We continue to add artists, organizers and activists to our community in hopes of becoming a greater force for positive social change in Minneapolis and beyond. Please support our work by following CSG social feeds on Instagram and Facebook, signing up for our newsletter and attending CSG events!