Become A Co-Conspirator

Thank you for your interest in joining a Conspiracy of Strange Girls! CSG Applications are reviewed on a biannual basis, in April and October of each year (application windows close on Mar 31 & Sept 30). Please allow us the month following each close date to consider applications. We promise we will get back to you in good time, but if you have questions, you can email Please accept our gratitude for your patience, as response times may vary depending on the time of year and availability of conspirators. Before you begin, take some space and time to read and consider our mission and membership criteria. May Strange Girls never die!

May Strange Girls never die!

May Strange Girls never die!


We are A Conspiracy of Strange Girls, an arts collective dedicated to the genesis and promotion of creative work by, for and about Strange Girls. Our collective is open to all women, femme-identifying, non-binary or genderqueer people creating art dealing with the unusual, the unfamiliar or the mysterious. With over eighty members across a diverse spectrum of identities, we believe in building community, uplifting marginalized voices and showcasing creative work by folx who have historically been overlooked by patriarchal power structures embedded within the ‘art world’.

Strange Girls is a values-based arts organization. As such, we offer art events, fundraisers and skillshares that benefit our network of co-conspirators while raising awareness of social justice issues important to us. By supporting each other artistically and building relationships within a diverse community, we create greater visibility for our artists and work toward inclusiveness for all forms of ‘otherness’. We prioritize racial equity by acknowledging our privilege and utilizing our collective skill sets to hold space for BIPOC and GLBTQ+ voices in all of our organizing efforts.


There are currently two tiers of CSG membership; active and inactive.

All members have access to the following benefits:

  • Representation on the CSG member page on our website

  • Access to our members-only Facebook group, the Conspiracy of Strange Girls Clubhouse

  • A periodic members-only newsletter featuring strange girls art and upcoming opportunities submitted by members

Active membership requires a minimum of one volunteer shift or task completed to support the collective per year. i.e. write copy/press releases, design flyers, volunteer time at markets or shows, provide input and help brainstorming for events etc. This is a collective of artists that lives or dies by the inputs of its members.

Only ACTIVE members are eligible to receive these additional benefits:

  • Participation in CSG Gallery Shows, Art Markets or Performance Events.

  • Promotion on Strange Girls social feeds via Instagram and Facebook

  • The opportunity to help shape collective's structure and organizing principles going forward

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